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Our Services

Good Deal Transportation Services offers you the perfect solution if you want to diminish this useless stress factor daily felt by your executive: corporate transportation services which include, besides the manager’s transport for business purposes, a package dedicated to his/her family’s members. We can adapt to the personal needs of the beneficiary, by providing professional transportation services, punctuality and maximum safety – these three reasons are can be a main concern for an executive with family.

It is a service that makes sense! How much time does a human resource manager spend when hiring an executive chauffeur? It always takes longer due to the fact it is not a day to day hiring position. How many chauffeurs a corporation needs when the pattern of the transportation requirements overlap in most cases: most executives start work on the same time, schools have also a similar schedule and most executives work usually long hours? Most in house executive chauffeurs have a busy workload at the beginning and the end of the day with almost nothing to do in between.

For those types of situations Good Deal Transportation can help. With our experienced chauffeurs and impeccable vehicles we can customize a package based on your corporate needs. All services are provided on demand and prearranged schedules. Communication is provided through emails and text messages. When the executive is picked up, the chauffeur informs the office of his immediate arrival. Traffic patterns and routes are changed on a prearranged schedule for maximum safety of the executive on board. Constant interaction between our dispatch center, the chauffeur and corporate office assures the operational efficiency at this level of service. All trips are documented and real time reported to the corporate office for the ease of mind of the corporate executive team. Dead times are eliminated and this way the cost efficiency is assured.

Good Deal Transportation Service can help make any special event more memorable. We offer a wide range of services and packages at an affordable price. Our goal is to help your day or your night be as wonderful and memorable as possible. We take care of the transportation hassles so that you are free to enjoy your special time with your co-workers, friends, and loved ones.